September 2012

Dallas will take on Tampa Bay this Sunday

The 1-1 Dallas Cowboys will face the 1-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday at 1 p.m. on FOX. The two teams are both coming off very tough week two losses and have plenty of reason to play their hardest to avoid losing two straight. Last week Dallas was handled mightily by the Seattle Seahawks while the Buccaneers lost to the Giants after a huge New York comeback led by Eli Manning. These teams will certainly get after one another as they try and solidify their teams and find an identity.

Dallas Finally Outshines in NY

Dallas came through on Wednesday as the NFL kicked off the 2012 season with Dallas playing the divisional rival New York Giants. Dallas was picked by no one to get the win and for pretty good reason. The Giants are coming off a Super Bowl win and were playing at home in front of 80,000 fans Wednesday. Furthermore, since the NFL began starting off the season with the Super Bowl champs playing at home no Super Bowl team has lost. Dallas came into the game with a line no one thought could hold up to any team in the NFL let alone the great front 4 of the Giants.


The line would hold up though at Tony Rome was able to step up and have a huge game. He started off very slow getting sacked early and intercepted. The Dallas D also came through and displayed a front 4 of their own that looked better then that of the Giants. Behind the strong Defense Romo was able to calm down and use a solid running game and breakout wide receiver performance to get the win.