July 2012

Dez Bryant's Past Continues to Haunt Him

The Dallas Cowboys stand-out wide receiver Dez Bryant is in the news again in a negative way. Since Dallas got Bryant, they knew he had character issues coming into the league. So far, he has had no major incidents, but given his reputation it seems trouble tends to find him. Overall it seems he has taken things seriously and has avoided being a major distraction to the team. Sometimes though, it can be the people closest to us that hurt us most. In this latest incident, that was the case as his own mother called the cops on Bryant claiming he was trying to kill her.

The cops arrived after a 911 call from Bryant’s mother who is a known addict that has battled drug addiction nearly her entire adult life. When cops arrived they found her to appear relatively unharmed and she then told the officers that Bryant hit her with his hat and ripped her shirt. This obviously was less than a near death experience and is yet a small step back for the WR that everyone seems so want to stir up trouble with.