April 2012

Dallas Drops Heart-breaker in Opener

The Mavericks could have had a heck of a head start against the Thunder in the opening of the Western Conference 1st round playoff games. The team could of won game one against the Thunder on their home floor, which could have been a huge lift and near death sentence for the Thunder. Dallas did prove that they will not be an easy win for the Thunder as the game came down to the wire. In the end, Dallas lost 99-98 against the Thunder. The Thunder have lost just 7 games at home this season.

Nowitzki led Dallas with 25 points in the contest. Marion contributed 8 rebounds to the near win as well. The Mavericks lead most of the game and took a 4-point lead into the fourth quarter. In the end they were outscored 30-25 in the fourth, however, which resulted in the 1-point loss. Durant hit a game-sealing jumper to give his Thunder the win.

Mavericks Lose Finale but are Poised for Playoffs

The Mavericks lost their final regular season game 106-89 against the Hawks on Thursday in Atlanta. The Mavericks needed to show a better effort against another playoff team, as they did not look strong against the Hawks. It does raise some red flags as the game displayed what the playoffs may hold for the Dallas team. Hopefully this is not the case and was simply an off night. The team ended the season with a 36-30 mark overall, and a 13-20 road record.


Nowitzki led the way for Dallas with 22 points scored. Marion grabbed 8 rebounds in the game to lead the team while Beaubois had 6 assists to lead the team. In the end, this was all not enough as the team shot inconsistently and played some loose defense to fall too far behind early. The team allowed 38 points to the hawks in the first quarter, which ended up being the difference in the game and set their fate from the get-go. Even outscoring the Hawks in the second and third quarters was not enough to get them back into the contest.

Dallas Defeats Warriors

The Mavericks won 104-94 on Friday in Dallas against the Warriors. The team has been playing very balanced basketball and has been finding it easy to get a lot of players involved. They have many threats that can score at any time and defenses have trouble defending them due to all the personnel they use to score. The Mavericks are now 36-28 on the season and improve their home record to 23-10 this season. 


Carter led the way fro Dallas as he scored 19 points in the contest. He was able to get a lot of solid looks that he was able to take advantage of. The Mavericks were up most the game and really opened things up in the second half. The team outscored the Warriors in three of the games quarters. This included the huge second half that found the Mavs outscoring the Warriors 54-45. The Mavericks seem to be a team that is ready to defend their title, but they will have a lot of good teams to beat in order to do so.

Mavericks Continue to Shine

The Mavericks won 110-100 in Dallas on Tuesday against the Kings. The team continues to play as good as any team in the league right now despite recent issues with what they thought would be one of their star players Odom. Odom has been a non-factor for the Mavs this season and finally has seen an end to his days in Dallas. The team has thrived despite and is now 32-26 overall this season while improving to 21-10 at home this year. They continue to look focused as move forward to a great playoff run.


The Mavericks were led by a multitude of players as they usually utilize most of their bench in games. Two players scored 15 points in the game to lead the team, which shows just how many people score points for the team. You never know where the ball is going to go or who will be looking to score. Marion added 14 rebounds to lead the team while Kidd had 7 assist to contribute to the win. The team scored over 25 points in each quarter of the contest and has been explosive offensively.

Cousins led the Kings in both points and rebounds. Overall he has been a star for the lifeless team and ended this game with 25 points and 18 rebounds. Both of these figures led any player on any team Tuesday. The Kings were able to score, but simply could not keep up with the relentless Mavericks team. The Kings are now 19-39 overall on the year.